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It takes a village...

In South Eastern Nigeria, the Igbos who are the dominant tribe of the region have a culture whereby after a mother is delivered of her baby, she is often taken care of by her mother or other close female relative if her mother is not around. This post natal care is called 'omugwo' in Igbo and can range from a period of three months to a year. During omugwo, shea butter (okuma) is commonly found around the house.

Okuma is used to massage the new mother as it is known to bring healing to the mother's body after having gone through the rigors of labour. Particular attention is given to her abdomen, legs and back during the massage which is preceded by hot water toweling. Okuma is also used to massage the baby as it helps the baby sleep better and longer allowing the new mother plenty of time to rest and eat healthy delicacies cooked by her relatives and neighbours.

In many cases, neighbours will come to the house taking turns to bath the baby so that all the new mother does is breastfeed the baby. When she is done breastfeeding, she hands the child back to whoever is around and goes to rest. As the days continue, okuma is used on the baby wherever rashes and other skin problems may arise while the okuma is used on the mother to fade stretch marks and treat other pregnancy related hair and skin issues. This is because even when consumed okuma is very safe for both mother and baby. In many parts of Southwest Nigeria, okuma is used to cook soups.

The omugwo spa treatment cannot be done without okuma for either the mother or the baby. It is one of the many reasons why it appears as though black women never age because there is detailed attention that is given to women during the toughest times of motherhood

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